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  • You and your dad will have alot of fun there for sure. I was there oct 1st last year, the rut will be in full swing I saw bucks fight, chase does and breed them too. A good pair of binos is a must so is a good spotting scope, you will see goats up close and a long ways off. Be alert for Prairie rattle snakes I saw two last year. There is a camp site on the south side of hwy. 287 called rattle snake campground (I think thats the name of it ) but it is easy to find. I just camped were ever we ended up at night. We hunted on the north side of 287 near Jeffery City, just take any BLM road and head north you will get into goats!! On the south side of 287 it is area 24 for elk and that season starts oct 1st so we stayed on the north side. Get a BLM map or a sd card for your gps that shows BLM and private land but 68 is almost all BLM. (www.huntinggpsmaps.com) I know you have never been there but trust me a blind man would have a ball hunting antelope in area 68 !! Good luck.
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