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We booked Shoshone for 2022 elk. Spoke with Josh and he sounds like a solid guy. Now just the wait.
Yep, I hunted with Josh for sheep in 2017 for sheep. I'm resident but didn't have the luxury of having stock to get to the sheep. It was a great hunt and I killed a ram on the 5th day with my bow. He's well respected and probably one of best outfitters in the Cody area. You'll have a great hunt with him imo!
I am an older hunter who has lost most of my hunting friends, I love hunting in wyoming and went the last 2 years. I didn't fill my tag this past season, hunting public land saw plenty of game but nothing I was willing to looking for someone who has an in for mule deer that doesn't cost an arm and a leg . I plan to apply in area L but cold change if someone was looking for an other hunter
You said you drew an archery tag in unit 66 in Colorado a few years back. I drew it this year. I’m looking for a little help/advice if you’re willing to share.
Hi Hilltop. I chatted with you last December about some elk units in Wyoming. I ended up finally drawing a unit 24 tag this year. You said you had a friend that works for the BLM and wondered if you think he would chat with me about the unit. I'm actually spending this weekend in the unit getting aquainted with it. Thanks again!
I think you are going to be really happy with that tag. Congrats!

It can't hurt to ask - I'll give him a call tonight. I'm going camping with him in the Snowy Range in 3 weeks so I can also visit with him over a beer and get his thoughts.
Having a time with pm ing. Wife said we can t find our email. Also something about pm ing me, sorry for the mess. After house fire things kind of a mess here. Working with cell phone and tablet My cell 715 965 3888 I could call you at your convenience evening
if you hunt the big O ranch id look at the border of the hulapai indians
Thanks man, Turns out I drew a unit 8, thought I had more than enough points for unit 10.... know anything about that?
Our hunt was on the worst drought in years we glassed bulls two bulls 350 and my sons bull was a good bull he killed on the last day
We would see at least 100 elk ever day cows and bulls and we where the only ones on the two properties i think 100,000 plus acres
iv hunted 9 a lot i hunted the late archery last year and the last day we got 2' of snow the late rifle guys where screwed
Congrats on the tag Exclusive pursuit outfitters has one of the best areas of private land we used them on a late muzzle loader hunt it was money well spent
I'm Tony Cleveland. I saw your post about hunting 45 last year. I'm trying to decide between 38 or 45. Id love to chat with you about 45. I can be reached at 719 930-1098. Hope to chat with you soon.
Sorry Tony, I have been negligent about checking this forum lately. I probably messed you up with the application period now closed. My apologies. If you still want to discuss please reply or call me at 715 352 2483 or 715 573 1312 (cell) Area 45 is a wonderful area, with a few interesting aspects and it holds a lot of nice bulls.
Hope you don't mind but want to see if you can share some ideas for elk hunt in Arizona. My son and I being non-residents with 10 points are getting close to drawing tags. Have been looking a unit 1 late season but should we consider something else? Do you know any of the outfitters and how they do with their hunts. . Thanks Dave
dirtclod Az.
dirtclod Az.
Unit 1 is a great choice,I hear unit 7 has also been putting out some great Bulls.
Chappell guiding service has been guiding here for years,good folks..Good luck
guys,10 pts may get you in the running.
Mossback is the other outfitter that has a good reputation in eastern Az. They use
a lot of guys per hunter so may be a little pricey...
minn elk chaser
Thanks for the info. I talked to Duane Adams about unit 1 as that is where he guides. Said he had been doing it for 40 years in that unit so sure should know where things are. Mossback probably will be higher but as you know none of those hunts are cheap.
I'm Tony Cleveland. You posted on a thread of mine on Eastmans. Could we chat about Wyoming unit 24? I can be reached at 719 930-1098. Thanks much
The Western Arctic caribou herd has improved slightly but is still way down in numbers. It was up around 500,000 animals then dropped to about 200,000 and is back to about 240,000. Look long and hard before trying that area. That said, you might get into some good hunting there.
Roger that. Thanks.
Could we chat more about 39-9? My number is 719 930-1098. Thanks much for your post
Thomas 11 I did not know that about 45. I'm more interested in bowhunting anyways. Thnaks
Well u should be able to draw the type 9 45 tag too
I was looking at some of your posts from last year and was wondering if you hunted in unit 7 last year? I'm 65 and need to pick a unit in Wyoming this year. Looking at 16, 24 and 7. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks