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Hi all I am almost 66 , been in Phoenix since 1997. Just moved to south Carolina . Not by choice but for Woman . Took 6 years but found a great one to take me in , just have to learn the Eastern hunting style. I do have one of the greatest Elk tags in the country in Arizona for September . Had some Great tags over the years there. Good luck to all this Season.
I was interested how you deer hunt went in 81, if you dont mind sharing. We have 8 pp/per hunter and I am not sure where to use them.
Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum, but have been an Eastman's subscriber for over 20 years. I live in CA, but do about 90% of my hunting out of state. I've used the resources in Eastman's to hunt several blue and green chip units in several states (CA, OR, NV, CO, WY, MT). Had great hunts every time. I spend a ton of time outdoors hunting, fishing, kayaking, hiking, camping, etc.
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It's a pleasure to talk with you. Much of family is from Colorado. I'm getting ready to take my wife on a X-zone hunt this weekend. Her first deer hunt, so I'm pretty excited. I'm acting as her guide, so no pressure on me at all. Lol
Colorado Cowboy
Colorado Cowboy
Where do you live in Ca. I lived in Downey, suburb of LA. Retired aerospace engineer. Lived here in SW Colo for 21 years.
Just outside Sacto up in Norcal.
Hi. Wondering if you have ever hunted the Aldrich Mts. area, west of the Strawberries. Son and grandson archery hunted it last year but only saw a few. I am going with them this year and am looking for a little advice, not specific spots..thanks.
Hello Scott. Went to the Red desert elk area #100 scouting. Covered 200+ miles and glassed until my eyes about fell out and didn't see a single elk. Took the Minerals exploration road before Rawlins and came out in Wamsutter. Went to the point of rocks and Bridger power plant and came up empty. Can you steer me in the right direction? Thanks Scott. JIM
looking for outfitter for area 82 non-resident guide area I have a a general tag for region w
I assume you have heard about the initiative thats is going around in Oregon to ban all hunting, fishing and trapping. Do you think it has any chance of passing. Hope it is not going to be like the wolf one here and decided by a few votes and most votes coming from the big metro area.
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No, I don't think it has any chance. Even the group that submitted it doesn't believe it can pass...yet. They said they would keep trying until we as a people improve and become a kinder, gentler species!
pretty sad that it can even get far enough to be brought up as a initiative, that could get onto a ballot. Some of the things that our own state will allow is crazy!
We booked Shoshone for 2022 elk. Spoke with Josh and he sounds like a solid guy. Now just the wait.
Yep, I hunted with Josh for sheep in 2017 for sheep. I'm resident but didn't have the luxury of having stock to get to the sheep. It was a great hunt and I killed a ram on the 5th day with my bow. He's well respected and probably one of best outfitters in the Cody area. You'll have a great hunt with him imo!
I am an older hunter who has lost most of my hunting friends, I love hunting in wyoming and went the last 2 years. I didn't fill my tag this past season, hunting public land saw plenty of game but nothing I was willing to looking for someone who has an in for mule deer that doesn't cost an arm and a leg . I plan to apply in area L but cold change if someone was looking for an other hunter
You said you drew an archery tag in unit 66 in Colorado a few years back. I drew it this year. I’m looking for a little help/advice if you’re willing to share.
Hi Hilltop. I chatted with you last December about some elk units in Wyoming. I ended up finally drawing a unit 24 tag this year. You said you had a friend that works for the BLM and wondered if you think he would chat with me about the unit. I'm actually spending this weekend in the unit getting aquainted with it. Thanks again!
I think you are going to be really happy with that tag. Congrats!

It can't hurt to ask - I'll give him a call tonight. I'm going camping with him in the Snowy Range in 3 weeks so I can also visit with him over a beer and get his thoughts.
Having a time with pm ing. Wife said we can t find our email. Also something about pm ing me, sorry for the mess. After house fire things kind of a mess here. Working with cell phone and tablet My cell 715 965 3888 I could call you at your convenience evening
if you hunt the big O ranch id look at the border of the hulapai indians
Thanks man, Turns out I drew a unit 8, thought I had more than enough points for unit 10.... know anything about that?
Our hunt was on the worst drought in years we glassed bulls two bulls 350 and my sons bull was a good bull he killed on the last day
We would see at least 100 elk ever day cows and bulls and we where the only ones on the two properties i think 100,000 plus acres
iv hunted 9 a lot i hunted the late archery last year and the last day we got 2' of snow the late rifle guys where screwed