WTS Hunting Knives


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Aug 12, 2016
All are new, leather belts sheath included otherwise knock off $15 if you want to use or find your own.

The “brute de forge” finish are 1095 carbon steel. Thicker handles from left to right $300 each

Amboyna burl with mosaic pins 8 3/4”

Honduran Rosewood Burl brass pins 7 3/4”

Curly Siamese Rosewood brass pins 7 3/4”

The next 3 are Stainless steel
$250 each

8.25” OAL
Amboyna Burl, brass pins
Bog Oak, stainless pins
Box Elder Burl, brass pins
$250 each

Final two
$250 each

Stainless steel with matte finish
8.25” Box Elder Burl

D2 Carbon Steel
7.5” Oal
Curly Narra with brass/mosaic pin