WTS Hunting Knives


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Aug 12, 2016
Backwoods Custom Knives Hunter-$300$250

1095 Damascus Steel, Koa, cool deer mosaic, black liners, Nice leather sheath

Erickson Knife works-$350$300
AEB-L Stainless steel with aged finish, Koa, black g10 and copper split, black liners. Leather sheath

Warlander Enterprises (apprentice of Fiddleback forge)-*GONE*
ironwood burl, mosaics and hollow pins. Carbon steel, Hammer forge finish leather sheath.

Lucas Forge-$300
Ironwood burl with resin, hammer forged and aged finish W2 carbon steel. Mosaics leather sheath

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Apr 23, 2016
purty for sure but I love my twenty dollar old timer 50 t.

been my companion for probly some forty years now.

holds an edge well and more importantly , easy to sharpen when needed.

have field dressed 100s of animals with it . not to mention opening literally thousands of hay bales with it.

I simply cannot justify the need , nor have the desire to spend hundreds on a knife.

good luck though !
as I said they sure is purty!