When did you kill your first deer?


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Jun 22, 2018
Now in Englewood, CO
Last day of the season November 30, 1962. Northeast Wyoming, snowing like you couldn't believe, packing the 30-06 03A3 with all the wood still on it. A 4 point Whitetail came blasting by in the trees and shot him with one shot. Still have the horns. My dad and uncle were in the truck waiting for me as it was getting close to dark and I was dragging it out. They finally saw me and they came to help out. We all had big smiles. It was a lucky day for me. Don't hunt much any more but go with my sons and grandsons. I was given the rifle in 1957, but 1962 was first year I could hunt. I still have the rifle after 64 years, updated with new stock and scope. Harvested many elk, moose, and deer with it. I love that rifle, it always got what I was after.


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Jun 24, 2021
I was 15 and hunting with my brother in law in Utah. I had watched what I thought was a deer for hours. My brother in law would look at it through his 4x Weaver and say that it was a stump, I would look at it through the scope and couldn't decided.

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Feb 5, 2015
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I believe it was in 1993 I was 17 years old. I was a senior in high school and worked part time at Kentucky Fried Chicken. My dad dropped me off at my homemade ladder stand and I'm sure he wasn't very far away. It was in Arkansas. I had a pretty junky xbow. Somebody's dogs were running through the woods. Pretty soon 3 deer came bustling through and stopped for a breather about 20 yards in front of my stand. My heart was pounding as I pulled up and made a poor shot. Dad come and helped me finish it off. Can't believe how excited I was to shoot a button buck. I kept the head in the back of my 1985 GMC short wide bed for days proudly showing people. I dont have the truck anymore allthough I wish I did but I do still have the excitement when I kill a deer.