Stock shortening


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Jun 20, 2011
I have a Remington 870 and 7600 that both have the old style plastic butt stock plates. I'd like to swap them out with a limbsaver recoil pad. I'm not interested in the slip on pads. To keep the length of pull the same I will have to cut a portion of the stock off. I ran across the following video and it seems to me to be the cleanest way to cut a wood stock. He recommends a Freud Melamine Ultimate blade 80 teeth. They cost ~ $100. Was wondering if anyone has shorten a wood stock with a miter saw, what blade they used and what were your results.



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Nov 30, 2014
I cut my son's .410 down when he was about 8 because it was to long. Put a finish blade in the saw, took the back pad off, measured like 8 times and let er rip! Drilled new holes for the butt pad and screwed it back on. Just bring the saw blade down really slow.
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