Sporting Dog Customer Service


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Mar 26, 2015
Just a positive experience with Sporting Dog Company. I have a electronic collar with GPS unit for my pointers and it started acting goofy. I thought it was a battery not holding a charge, so I sent it in and in 3 weeks, they sent me a brand new unit with 2 collars. Mine was just a single mode. The unit was several years old and I was prepared to pay for any repairs, but they took care of me. Just happy as a worm coming home from a fishing trip!!


Apr 22, 2013
That is so nice to hear, seems customer service is a diminishing thing in this country. I have had experiences with Dogtra, I used to be a firm customer of there's, but times change, the experience I had with them is totally the opposite, I will keep Sporting Dog in mind on my next purchase, and tell others your experience.