Sitka Hunting Package


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Nov 3, 2011
Bitterroot Valley, MT.
Good morning all.
My daughter is running a fundraiser for the local Mule Deer Foundation chapter. She is selling raffle tickets for a Sitka Hunting package. She has acquired full sponsorship and put everything together so I thought I’d give her a helping hand.
The drawing and banquet will be May 21.
I’m fully aware not everyone knows me on here and it’s skeptical to just send money. So we plan to video the drawing and will post the results. You can also look me up. Live in a super small town and have a pretty decent job that I would not be willing to jeopardize any of for 50 bucks :)
Anyways, thanks to any and all in advance and best of luck to those interested. Here is a flyer she made up:
Scott Falagan - Stevensville, Montana


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Mar 9, 2014
That being said, I can vouch for Scott. We’ve been friends on here for more than five years and he assisted me greatly in a Montana hunt several years ago. We’ve also spoken outside of this for him and he’s the real deal. If you want, do a search on this form and see a lot of the knowledge that he has provided all of us from hunting in Montana it was gonna build just a few years ago.
If you like raffles and supporting mule deer this is your opportunity. 👍
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