Shed hunters on here?


Aug 19, 2018
Hibbing, MN
Randy; I found your name on my old PMs, but not your phone #. I will send you a PM with my contact info; Rick
THANKS Rick, i think that pm eluded me somehow. I found the box to open them.
Hoping your Wyoming draw went ok, my region M deer tag was sucessful, I've hunted there twice in the past. My a22 pronghprn tag will be my 4rth for that unit.
Hope my :private little campsite on blm hasn't been taken over by squatters who saw me there in the past. When we deer hunted out of ten sleep last year we stayed at the campground there again 4rd time
Think I will hunt 164 where one of my sons & I did in 2011. Just put of worland.
Didn't see many leftover elk tags that interested me except some type 4 in 48 & 49 but wouldn't know where to start there.