Scope Upgrades…


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Jun 23, 2015
I haven’t been using the BDX options currently.
The only real experience I have with SIG scopes are the buckmaster line. I put a couple on in-line muzzleloaders last year and they seemed to do good with that. On high power the eye box shortened up quite a bit was my only real complaint. For the price hard to beat them for a simple scope.

Rich M

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Oct 16, 2012
I would advise anyone wanting a VX-3/VX-III to go up another level. I had a VX-3i and it was junk. It was supposed to replace a VX-II and after shooting it at 250 yards, sold it and put the VX-II back on there. VX-II would hold 1 inch, VX-3i was holding about 3 inches. Same mounts. Same rings.

The V Diamondback isn't all that bad of a scope, have a BDC Diamondback on 350 Legend right now and will swap it out to my 243 for 2023 antelope hunt. Like the idea of doing the hash marks as opposed to dead hold for this trip.


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Jun 22, 2014
nw oregon
i have a bunch of leupolds, VXII,VX3i,VX5HD,VX6 i like them all but feel the VX5HD is my favorite. Do you plan on doing a lot of dialing? If so tough to beat a Nightforce but weight is definitely much higher. Zeiss V4 and V6 are also held in high regards? i just got a V6 3-18 for a 243 Ackley, but have no time with it yet ( winter project)