Rei Customer Service thumbs up

Doe Nob

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Feb 21, 2011
Houston, TX
Did a scouting trip in the CO wilderness a couple weeks ago. I have some carbon lock REI branded trekking poles I have had for about a year and am very happy with.

Was coming down some VERY steep loose stuff after sunset on the way back to camp on day 2, my left foot stepped on a rock that rolled our from under me. I had both my poles planted and went backward onto my back (which wasn't that far considering the angle) and put too much weight on my right pole and snapped it in half.

Called customer service to see about ordering a single replacement, they said we only sell pairs but take it into your local store and have them look at it. I took it into the local store and said "I called to get a replacement and they told me to bring it in." The clerk said it was slightly over a year since I'd bought them, but she'd call a manager, which she did and surprisingly to me they took them for a full exchange and I got a brand new pair. I guess they have something like a 1 year return policy that is just about no questions asked. They did look up my return history and said since I've never returned anything it would be no problem.

Anyway, extremely happy with how they handled this issue. I know you can always find deals on items, but I'll keep buying stuff there. If you are a member you get a 10% dividend on what you buy and that return policy is hard to beat.

+1 for good customer service!