Quotas and 2nd choice


Jan 6, 2016
One would think I would be past the dumb questions by now, but here's two more.

I know Wyoming will release their 2017 forecast sometime in April, but do they list exactly how many tags will be in each draw, like 100 for resident, 50 non resident, 20 special draw? I've narrowed down to 3 units, and would like to know which one has the most tags available come the draw.

Second, are the special tags included for 2nd choice? I've found a lot of units that didn't come close to issuing all of their special tags in the first choice. It seems like some decent units could be had for the extra money.


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Mar 1, 2011
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Tentative numbers will be available in March.
Yes the special draw has 2nd choice in the special random draw. Look at the demand report for that hunt to have a decent idea of odds.


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May 2, 2016
SE Wyoming
Before the quotas are adopted , tentative license numbers are released. Usually district offices will have the tentative license quotas in print before they are adopted and set in stone, it does state proposed numbers of tags for each area. They put out this info at the season setting meeting held around the state. It will show changes from the last years seasons.