Pretty good summer


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Jun 4, 2011
north idaho
I can't complain about this summer.
May saw lots of whitewater and mountain biking. June saw lots of mountain biking, snow pack left way to quickly for the whitewater side. July was a trip to alaska, for more mountain biking. Lots of biking in August and the wife and I just got back from a solo boat whitewater trip on the main salmon for a week. The Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness is just an awesome place. Hunting begins soon, but it is only part of what I do. Rivers to Ridgetops 365 has been a way of life, all my life.20230617_132703.jpg20230617_132703.jpg20230617_132703.jpg20230617_132703.jpg20230617_132636.jpg20230617_132703.jpg20230617_132656.jpg20230617_132642.jpg20230617_132636.jpg
June riding