Over The Counter license and permits for out of state hunters


New Member
Jul 9, 2024

My friend and I have hunted Elk in Montana near Darby the past few years and always got our licenses in the drawing. This is the first year we didn't get selected and we are trying to see if there is a way we can still hunt in the general area we had been hunting this fall. I was told on the phone with FWP that our only option at this point in the year is the "over the counter" licenses. I'm trying to navigate the rules and how to try to do that but it has been a bit confusing. I'm wondering if anyone here knows about that process and if we have any chance of being successful at being able to get licensed to hunt Elk, or even Mule deer within the area around Darby. We have family out there and so the Darby area is best for us, not sure if we would go if we can't get within 200 miles of there. Thanks for any help!