how much ammo??


Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
Personally, I want to hear the story from 10+ years ago!

Been there myself....I ran out of shells fall turkey hunting several times many moons ago... lol
It is always interesting to hear those stories and I would wager that just about any hunter will have at least one of them.

Mine was when I was in Africa and we were after a gemsbok/oryx. For some reason I left my pack in the truck when we started the stalk that had a extra 20 rounds in a pocket. I wasn't worried since I had 3 in the rifle and another 10 on the carrier. So after 3 hours or so we were finally into position to take a shot. I got set up and pulled the trigger and the animals were off to the races. We watched the one that I had hit and it laid down a shot distance away from me and my PH. We headed over and when we were about 75 yards away I told my PH that I would take the shot and finish him off. He said that we could get closer and to wait. The words were not even out of his mouth when he got up and was off. 4 shots later he fell down under a tree but was still upright. At 100 yards my PH set up the shooting sticks for me to finish him off. My first shot was high and clipped a branch on the tree. So were my next few shots. I was wondering if I was ever going to hit him and decided to hunker down and finish the job. I took another shot and he slumped over. When we got up to him he was still breathing so I had to take one more shot to finish the job. In all total I had taken 11 shots with 5 hits before he went down for good. I had two shots left if anything else were to happen. Which I am glad didn't.

Other than that the most shots that I have taken at a north American game animal was 4 or 5 with most of them falling at 1 or 2, this includes mule deer, elk, and bear. All my other African game animals fell to a single shot. All I can figure on that gemsbok was that I had buck fever or it just didn't want to die.


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Jul 9, 2018
Cool stories here, especially that last one JimP!

I struggle with keeping pack weight low - my day pack is already 25lbs (including water and lunch), and ammo is heavy. I carry a standard/full 4-round box mag in my rifle, and a small folding ammo pouch with 10 extra rounds: 5x 150gr Hornady SST and 5x 180gr Nosler. Neither was chosen for any brand religion, they just had good rounds at good prices when I bought each one. I've sighted in with both and I'm only accurate out to 250yds or so anyway (blame the hunter, not the equipment here!) That's plenty of ammo weight to carry around.

While we're chatting on this, how many of you count your sidearm (if you carry one) in this equation? I chest-carry a Glock 20, and the loaded weight on that thing ain't a feather-pillow. I chose it because it's legal for all game here, and we do get the occasional mountain lion or bear nosing around a kill. Or, god forbid I screw up a shot and have to do a finisher, I can use that legally (Colorado says the FINAL shot must also be legal - for example, you can't use a pistol as a finisher during archery season)

As far as I'm concerned, that's my "extra ammo" for emergencies...


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Mar 1, 2011
I generally don't carry a sidearm if I'm carrying a rifle. I also don't hunt in grizzly country. I do carry a scandium framed S&W 386XL Hunter revolver in 357 when not carrying a rifle like on scouting trips. Its pretty light for a full size 357 at 30oz, and I shoot it well. It's big enough to be easy to control with hot loads but not oversized for my hands. I have a 44 Ruger Redhawk and even with smaller pachmyr grips the hammer is a little further reach for my thumb than I'd like. I grew up on revolvers and shoot them better than autos that aren't 1911's. I have grown to like good triggers to much with all my rifle and revolver shooting.


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Jun 9, 2011
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I always carry a full box of ammunition. Not only for hunting but also for emergency use. It proved its worth years ago when a rotted cliff dumped me into a small ravine breaking an arm and a leg. I had used two rounds on the deer, five rounds to attract the attention of two mountain bikers, who contacted the local sheriff, and another five for signaling my location to the rescue party. Years later, I still carry twenty rounds. You never know when those extra ten rounds may save your life.
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Feb 15, 2012
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I know this is an old thread but I am surprised at how much ammo is packed in to the woods. With so much lightweight hunting gear out there and so many ways to shave ounces from your gear, I would have thought hunters took almost the minimum. I do believe in taking needed ammo to camp or left in the truck but if I'm on a backpack hunt or a long day in the field, I keep it to a minimum. 3 in my gun with one in my front pant pocket and 5 in a small ammo belt. I don't like to carry extra rounds on my gun or sling