How late is too late?


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Mar 16, 2014
N Idaho
I?ve posted for some unit advice on our plans for 2018 in WY and I really appreciate all the help and advice I?ve received so far. We are down to about 4 units which are in the central part or south central part of the state. Now we are trying to coordinate when to go for three of us, coming from ID, AK, and MN. Opener is out as one main goal of the hunt is low pressure, and late September I will be elk hunting in ID. First week in October is the wife?s birthday, so I am considering October 6-14. Particularly if we are in 51, 52, 66, 73 or 74. Is this too late? Any of these that are prone to outmigration or become inaccessible with weather. 51 and 52 look like there is access to big chunks via paved roads, same for 73, but I?ve never been to any and those are the ones I?ve looked at the most. We don?t mind a little snow or low temps.


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May 20, 2017
I went in 74 the last week of September this past season. It snowed the first day I was there making the two tracks nearly impassable and even the main gravel roads were not very fun. If the last week of september is out I would go the week before if possible. The rut will be kicking and there will be bucks running from unit to unit. Also, it would be a couple of weeks into the season so hopefully pressure will be down. Less chance of snow too I imagine, although its not out of the question. As far as migration in and out of the unit goes Im not really sure about that.


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Jul 8, 2011
WA State
I also hunted 74 about the 5th of Oct 5 years ago. It had rained and snowed there and the main road in from the east side of the unit wasn't too bad but the side roads were impassable. I got lucky and it dried out. The good thing is that I only saw one party of 3 hunters and a local dragging a buck to the road in 4 days of hunting there. People hunting deer told me where they had seen big buck antelope which saved me some hunting time. A great area and some nice bucks in there.