Hi this is Jake from Oregon

Absolutely, I think all of us on here might understand a little about your passion. Being an ethical, fair chase hunter isn't a seasonal sport, it's a lifestyle. I get frustrated with people that treat hunting as if it's just some kind of pass time one does in the fall. They will guilt trip you about missing work for one week a year or a church service a couple weekends a year and attempt to brain wash you into feeling guilty about hunting. If hunting is who you are then you have nothing to be ashamed of. Keep on keeping on! Inspire and influence others to do more. We have a culture that is under attack. What are we doing to help defend it? I like what I'm seeing Jake. Keep up the outstanding Work!
Couldn't agree more Travis! I live in a place with a lot of non-hunters (Portland, OR), and I feel sorry for people who don't understand the allure of hunting
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