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Mar 27, 2011
Western Montana
Here's what the cart looks like folded up.
Here you can see how the critter is secured. Motor cycle tie down straps (3) hold the main carcass. bungee cords hold legs head, legs, your pack if you want to put it on top of the critter. We did call the game carts Critter Carts! The support bars visible at the top of the hand handles acts as a loading ramp of sorts to assist getting critters loaded. If there's three guys, one guy can hold the cart while the other two load the animal the size of a deer, antelope.
Here's a spike bull whole on the cart. My buddy and I are taking a break. Don't lay the cart down. Easy to start going from this position. One guy lifts up while the other pushes down on the handles to get it level. Hills are simple with the brake. It its really steep, side hilling is a piece of cake. Get to a log you have to go over you just lift the cart up and over the log. Roll the tire up to the log facing it with your buddy on the other side. You then face each other and just lift it up and over. Get to a barbed wire fence. One guy pushes the cart up the fence with the handles on the front over the fence. You use the weight of the cart on the handles to push the wire down to hold it while your buddy steps over just as if you would holding it with your hands for someone. The person then steps over. They go grab the handles and with the tire/cart facing the fence lift up the cart and lower it on the other side of the fence. We've done that with cow elk whole on the cart along with deer, antelope, etc.

When you get to your pickup lower the tailgate and pull the cart up to the tailgate parallel with it. One person holds the cart the other undoes the straps. that person then hops up in the pickup and slides the animal onto he tailgate and into the back of the pickup. The carts are just a few inches shorter at the deck than the tailgate. Or you can run the cart at the tailgate and let the forward handles sit on the tailgate. Then you just pull the animal into the truck from the cart. Easy peasy!!
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Jul 8, 2015
It's pretty easy actually. You have one person on the end with the brake handle hold the cart from rolling. Rear legs of the elk cut off at the hock. Cut a whole in the hock just as if you were going to hang the elk up by the rear. This gives the person holding the cart a handhold to help. The forward handles are on the ground and as close to underneath the rear elk quarters as you can. The person holding the cart grabs a leg with one hand while leaning into the cart with their chest pulling on the leg. The other person grabs wherever they can and helps pull the elk up the cart towards the handles the one person is holding. Once the elk is up on the cart enough the person holding it pushes down on the handles while the other person goes to the forward end of cart and helps lift the cart up so that it is level. Once it's up and the cart deck is level adjustments can be made so that with the elk on the game cart it is evenly balanced front to rear and no energy is needed to hold the cart level as the weight is balanced. The one person continues to hold the cart with the other uses motorcycle tie down straps and bungee cords to secure the elk. Once that's done off you go!!

If you go quite a distance and need a rest usually the person who is the brake man holds the cart. The front person slowly lowers their end to the ground so that the handles are on the ground, the cart is not laid on it's side. Really simple to take a break this way. If the person holding the cart needs to sit down, just let the other person hold it for a while. You do not want to try and lay the cart down with an elk, deer, antelope, or anything else on it. That's NOT how you want it to try and stand it up again. If the terrain is not too bad one person can handle a whole deer, half a elk, or 3 antelope whole as I did in central Montana. It's not too bad doing that, but it is meant for two folks. I'll see if I can find a pic with a critter on it while resting.

I'll stick to packing them out in 1/4 without the bone I guess. I can only envision the argument that my wife and I would have trying to use that contraption. lololollol
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