Differences EXPLAINED between Sentinel and Ascent tripods, Davros and Davros Pro heads

As a rep for one of your forum sponsors, I’ve been fielding lots of questions about the differences between our new products. Our boss Rob just made a couple really good videos explain the differences between our new tripods and Davros heads better than I may have, so I wanted to put all this information in 1 easy place for you. I’m super excited about some of the features these new products have, so check out these videos, and let me know if you have any feedback or questions?

Sentinel or Ascent? - Tripod Product Comparison

Davros or Davros Pro Head - Product Comparison

Alright, I've finally got some answers for all of you who asked about the pricing and availability of our new products. Here is what I found out:

$75 Davros
$210 Davros Pro
$999 Ascent with Davros
$1150 Ascent with Davros Pro
All available around Easter