Dalton Highway 5 mile in hunt.

Yell Co AR Hunter

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Dec 10, 2015
Yell County Arkansas
I made this trip this year. Here is my advice. I thought I was ready for the hunt lost 33 pounds and walked over 250 miles. I came to the realization you can not prep for this hunt on the open tundra. We got our butts kicked by the green monsters. Just cause you walk in 5 miles does not mean caribou will be there. There are a lot of caribou, but much more area for them to be. In 495 mile between Fairbanks and Dead Horse we saw a few in a 6 mile section of the HWY around mile marker 56. There were not many there. After 3 marches in to exceed the 5 mile point I have decided air plane or air boat is the way to go. I also think bow is a better option than rifle as you do not have to cross 5 miles before hunting. We did have a chance to kill two smaller bulls. One at just 75 yards and one just under 200 yards. We both chose not to shoot. Watched a couple really nice bulls, but the were inside the 5 mile mark and never got close all day. If anyone is considering this hunt I will be glad to share what I learned. Overall it was a great trip and experience and I am glad I made it (out alive). The fishing was great. Caught Artic Grayling, Artic Char, Silver Salmon, and Rainbow. Here are a few photos.



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Jul 8, 2015
Always amazed me how effortless caribou can go across the tundra.

Then when you try and walk across it, it feels like your walking on basketballs. Lol


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Jun 4, 2011
north idaho
you can not judge alaska by any standards other than alaskan standards. It is a mind blowing place. Most of the time, i wish i never moved out.