Bivy Help !!!!!!!!

Jul 6, 2013
South Dakota
I decided to go floorless this fall and was lucky to find a shelter in stock. Now I'm trying to find a bivy to slip my pad and bag into so it is protected and it all stays together. The problem I have is all the good light weight bivy companies are 4 weeks out before shipping. I have checked MLD, Zpacks, Borah. TiGoat shows some selections in stock but they have not returned email or phone call (I wanted to make sure their website was up to date). Is there any good ones out there that I'm missing?


Veteran member
Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
If you know what you want check on Amazon for it.

I have bought a couple of things that have been on back order everywhere and then found it on Amazon at a cheaper price.