.338 230gr ELD-X Loads???


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Jun 22, 2014
nw oregon
Hey Guys,
just checking in to see if anyone has been loading these in the 338 win mag? powder starting points possibly? i have a email into Hornady currently awaiting a response just figured i would see if any real world experience has happened yet?
thanks in advance.


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Jul 9, 2018
I can't speak for the 338 but I've had great performance from ELD-X bullets in 7mm, if that data point matters.


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Wow! I just realized that this OP was over a year old......but, my opinion is still in effect! 😉

I have just the opposite experience with the ELD-X’s, though in my grandaughter’s 6.5 Creed! In doing a water jug test at close range (30 yards) against other bullets of similar velocities and bullet weights......they completely fragmented, with only small (quite small) fragments entering the 3rd jug. The larges peice found was jacket smaller than my little finger nail.

These would not be my first choice for elk, if a close range shot may happen. If used at close range......bullet placement minimal tissue and no heavy bone between impact point and vitals would be critical!

For long range, where velocities have dropped considerably......they should be an acceptable bullet! Obviously, this is just my opinion and should be taken as such!