257 Roberts


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Sep 13, 2011
.257 Ackley Improved that I had built on a Remington Model 7 action, 22 inch PacNor barrel, Brown Pounder stock and Leupold Ultra Light 3x9 scope with S &K mounts. The whole thing weighs a little over 6 pounds and consistantly shoots ¾”groups with 100 grain bullets of any make. I can get chronographed 3200 fps with any 100 gr bullets I’ve tried but I normally load them to 3100 fps because I get better case life at 3100 fps. Every year before deer season, I take the rifle to the range and the zero never changes and the size of the groups is always about ¾”!

6mm Remington

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Mar 27, 2011
Western Montana
If it was me I would have it glass and pillar bedded just for consistency. It is a beautiful rifle and I really think you will like it. A 100 gr. Partition or 100 gr. E-tip from Nosler would be really good. As would the 110 gr. Accubond or 115 gr. Partition in your .257 Roberts. It would work for everything up to and including elk. Some good advise has been given by folks using the Roberts. Best of luck and post some groups up for us!!


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Jul 8, 2011
WA State
I bought a Ruger #1 back in 1982 in 257 Robert's. I shot a lot of deer and antelope with the 120gr Hornady hp bullet but I now use the 100gr Barnes TS @ 3,200fps. I've killed most of my mule deer and antelope with this rifle and even took it to Africa and shot some of the smaller antelope with it.