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    How much to tip?

    My buddy went on a guided elk trip last fall in MT. It was in a remote wilderness area. The cost of the hunt was more than I could think about affording. When I found out the exact area I did a lot of research. The success rates were not good in the area. I did not have the heart to tell...
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    How much to tip?

    I hate tips and hate when people just expect them. For crying out loud it is their job. That being said I tip according to their effort. If they do just what it takes to get by they will not get much. If they go out of their way to make sure I have the best experience possible I will tip...
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    Elk draw

    I see someone drew a moose tag with 5 points. One lucky person.
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    Elk draw

    So how many point needed to draw a general elk tag?
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    The Memes Thread!

    If I was in that country I would drive right by that looking for my trophy antelope. Nothing before hunting!
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    WY Grizzly Bear Attack Dubois

    Note to self. Take Spring shed hunting in Wyoming off bucket list.
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    Finding a good deer?

    Thanks will be in the Kaycee area for opener and plan to hunt 10 or 11 days. Hope to have 3 antelope tags and deer. My partner killed his buck in 163 which is a 7 day season. We moved camp to hunt deer on the last day of season not realizing it was a 7 day unit. He killed the buck right...
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    Finding a good deer?

    I got to less than 100 yards of the 2x3. It was a mature buck. It had good mass and around 22 inch spread. My partner told me I needed to shoot the buck at 300 yards, 250 yards, 200 yards and less than 100 yards. When we finally stood up the buck just stood there as we walked by. He must...
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    Finding a good deer?

    Looks like I will be returning to Wyoming this fall for Deer and antelope. In 2017 I did not fill my deer tag but my partner did with a nice 5x5 buck (mid 150's). I had several chances at small bucks and a mature 2x3. I set my goal at a mule deer that is larger than any whitetail I have...
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    Points question

    I think you can skip a year of entering for points and retain the points you have. But if you skip 2 years you lose your points. So lets say you have 2 pp for deer, 2 for elk, and 3 for antelope. You know 2 points should draw general deer tag so you only buy pp for elk and antelope and go 2...
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    New Mexico antelope applications since A-Plus was eliminated

    Also a lot of applicants for elk and deer just go ahead and put in for antelope due to the fact they already spent their money buying the license and not much more cost to enter for additional tag.
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    New Mexico antelope applications since A-Plus was eliminated

    I entered this year and was unsuccessful. After studding the odds and limited available tags for NR I doubt I will ever enter again. Main reason is being forced to purchase hunting license. I don't play the lottery and that is just what it is. At least in a state that has preference points...
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    Piebald Fawn

    I would think a buck could carry the recessive gene and not present the trait of that gene.
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    2020 draw results thread

    Unsuccessful in red is not good news. right
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    2020 Fishing

    My youngest boy's girl friend went with us fishing yesterday. She managed to catch her first couple fish.