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    Wyoming Trapping Season

    Dabbled a bit trapping and snaring this year. Had much better luck than calling them in last year.
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    Wyoming Whitetail

    Had this buck come by my treestand last weekend. Temp was -1 F. Scored 155 gross.
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    Got him. My WY sheep tag punched.

    7/8+ curl, 8 1/2 years old per WY Game and Fish. Area 3. DIY public land. Was hunting every weekend with a week long trip planned in the middle of Oct. Now I can go try to fill my limited 39 bull elk tag in the Bighorns.
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    Wyoming Sheep Unit #3

    Drew an Area 3 sheep tag in WY. Going DIY with horses, mainly a 10 day hunt. Myself and a friend, each with a riding and pack horse. We are experienced elk hunters but this is a new thing for us. Our ages are 56 and 61 with a few physical issues but ready to give this a go. Any advice, like...