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    Best unit in Wy?

    The top hunt areas will take 14-15 points this year. Those guys got in on the ground floor. There are 36,697 people going into 2021 with 1 point, 21,797 with 2. Starting today you will likely not live long enough to draw the 2-3 top end hunt areas.
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    draw weight ??????????????????????

    I'm hunting with 52# and have zero worries. 420 +- gr , slick trick or spitfire 100.
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    Costco Trekking Poles

    great for the price
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    is NRA doomed ???????????

    If the Org hasn't learned yet, they never will. And obviously, they haven't learned a thing. After trashing YETI I quit caring.
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    Unit 16 Elk Wyoming

    rifle or bow? I was given info in confidence so I can't pass those areas on but can answer some general questions.
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    Jim Shockey

    He should stick with TV.
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    Antelope numbers and tags issued?

    I took my brother to a south central wyoming hunt area this year and we were covered up in Antelope. I hunted it a cpl years ago and there were plenty of animals then too. We saw hundreds on the drive home. I have been in a hunt area that was pretty sparse but it was one of the areas around...
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    How often do you change cables and strings ?

    If you're changing a loop more than once a year you have a problem with the hook on the release and/or some bad loop material.
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    2 Blade Fixed Broadhead, No Blood Trail

    Congrats. I shot a Bull with a large 3 blade, pass thru, and got zero blood as well. Weird stuff can happen at times.
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    AZ Jimmy John Bull

    1.5 Billion allegedly
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    AZ Jimmy John Bull

    He sold Jimmy Johns a year ago.
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    antelope doe/fawn tags

    Hunter numbers aren't declining in Wyoming.
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    party application

    works the same no idea, should be in the regs youth pay full special price if they want to apply special
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    GAS Bowstrings

    Every GAS string I've seen except one had the peep sitting at about 15 deg at brace.