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    Wy SF0074

    License fees were 59% of the projected budget revenue for FY 2019, NR made up ~80% of that 59%. Fed money from PRDJ, etc made up 25%. After SB0074 hit the forums many said nr were paying 80% of the budget. That 80% came from a published statement that said nr were paying 80% of the license...
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    Wy SF0074

    NR provide 47% of the Game dept budget.
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    No game cams in AZ ?

    Game cameras are fine exception being those that transmit and when hunting on a National wildlife Refuge within the state. The Bill reference hasn't moved thru the Legislature.
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    12 elk points. which unit?

    The Game dept puts their application revenue into a deferred interest account, per licensing division. The interest amount is "negligible" per same.
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    2020 Big Game Application Book is On Line

    awesome, thanks
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    Something more to ponder during application periods

    The change was to ensure RESIDENTS got their full 84% required by statute. NR have received their allotment of 7,250 full price Elk tags every year. Some years, when a quota was increased for a specific hunt area, there may have been some NR LQ tags that weren't issued, but there are hundreds of...
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    Anyone ever done a "safari-style" hunt in Wyoming?

    Antelope and Elk, virtually every year.
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    Don't put all your faith in onx!

    No gps is going to stand up in court.
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    Grim Odds.

    Utah odds reports don't reflect points, only the number of tags in relation to number of applicants. Your actual odds may be a lot better or a lot worse.
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    Wyoming General Elk party application

    Every 1st choice app with more than 1.0000 point drew and 17% of the 1.0 point guys drew special gen last year.
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    Wyoming General Elk party application

    Yep. I could create half a dozen accounts, buy points annually, and pay for my hunt every year.
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    Wyoming General Elk party application

    Find somebody with 2 and go special.
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    Bow tuning higher elevation?

    There is a difference going from my town, across the mountain to eugene; about 1-1/2" low at 60 when in eugene. We add 1/4 turn to the btm limb. Difference in lighting will move you around as well; there is a 1/3 turn in windage difference between the local club indoor range vs the local archery...
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    Major Forum Updates Coming!

    The new software is a clean slate. As you spend time in the different threads, your last position will populate across those threads. Give it a few days, this software will take you right where you want to go once it knows where you’ve been.
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    Major Forum Updates Coming!

    Because It was different software, different cookies.