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    Help scheduling first Elk hunt with Outfitter

    Decided I'm not getting any younger and want to Elk hunt this year in CO or WY. Since first Elk hunt, want to go with an Outfitter and guided hunt. Don't know how to get started. Been reading Eastman for a year now, only have 1 PT in WY. I know there are OTC tags in CO. Are there "packages"...
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    WY Preference Point purchase- help for newb

    I see the Wyoming Game & Fish Department Online Electronic Application Service is now open. All I want to do is purchase a preference point for future use, but I don't see this feature there- only purchasing tags seems to be open. I'm a newb- what am I missing? Thanks- Toadmeister
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    Starting my training now

    6'4" 278lbs today. I've always been good about excersize; biking, basketball, weightlifting, some hiking, some kickboxing even some Yoga. At any given week I'm doing half of these. I need to nurse a shoulder and calf injury a little bit before I go Bannanas however. Eating and drinking beer...
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    Newb from Iowa looking to plan my first Western Hunt

    Just getting started here. Heard about Eastman's through Archery Talk Forums and signed up. Same username there. I also subscribed to the Eastman's magazine. I just started bowhunting last year in IA and killed my first Whitetail Buck this year. Been Rifle Deer hunting in Wisconsin many...
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    Newb Help: Points, Zone in Wyoming- Getting Started help!

    New subscriber here and my first forum post here. I am wanting to do a Western Elk hunt. I am a non-resident from Iowa and am only experienced in Whitetail hunting in the Midwest (Bow, Rifle, Muzzy). I've chosen Wyoming for my Elk hunt to narrow it down and due to ease of access for me. I...