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    Just 48 hours later

    48 hours after taking this buck with a bow and homemade broadhead. Tenderloins cooked Sous Vide for 4 hours at 132F then seared. The euro mount goes in the whitening solution today. The cape from my buck went to a young hunter that was unable to find his bow kill in time from opening weekend...
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    Back from my African Bowhunt (video)

    Im back from my South African Bowhunting trip. I was fortunate to take 8 animals with a bow and most with my own homemade broadhead. Some have been asking to see the broadhead I designed. Here is a video of the 8 animals I took and that head. Just know that Youtube has already restricted it.
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    Bowhunting Africa 2020

    After a year delay due to covid the africa trip is a reality. I depart in 2 day (Sat. aug. 28)
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    Pope and Young Video

    It was a really enjoyable time. I sponsored the Friday Night recognition dinner which had more people attend than they bargained for.
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    Pope and Young Video

    I was there for all the days and put on a Seminar on Broadhead Lethality. It was a very good time. I also picked up and Archery Muskox hunt in Greenland for next year.
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    do you have to match fletching spin direction to single bevel heads?

    Here is the video I did showing what happens when you dont match (and do match) the fletching spin to the single bevel (left hand or right hand)
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    Elk hunting arrows

    I would set up no less than 450 grains TAW. Get perfect flight by tuning and use a cut on contact head and leave the rage heads for small game. If you value a pass through go with long head (low aspect ratio.) To max out the likelyhood of a pass through. I wrote this after evaluating this head...
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    For SAle Iron Will Single bevel heads and sharpener

    I bought these 3 Iron Will Buffalo (250 grain without bleeders) to do a sharpening video for my company (Stay Sharp) Now Im selling them and the same sharpening guide used in the video. Theye are new heads, never mounted to an arrow or shot. I only sharpened one edge to produce the video. New...
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    do vents in broadhead blades make them louder thann unvented?

    I asked the question in more than a dozen groups on social media about broadhead vent noise. 98% of respondents said that vented broadheads are louder than non vented broadheads so I put that theory to the test in my latest broadhead video. FYI, I included not 1 but 2 sound meters (decibel...