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    Oil and gas land access

    Guys, this has been bugging me for quite awhile. What are the access laws pertaining to these oil and gas lands leased throughout the state?? I see it mentioned in GoHunt about roads being opened up by the OG companies. Im specifically referring to the areas around Thunder Basin Ntl Grassland...
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    Post Your Best Mule Deer To Date

    Wyoming 2017 general tag2ATTACH=CONFIG]21548[/ATTACH]
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    Region A Deer Tags

    Region A general tag public land. rutting like crazy Nov 10
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    Spring bear

    we bait for bears in Wisconsin and are allowed to put out 10 gallons per site. most guys use a mix of chocolate and granola, the best we found was a sticky granola mixture which had some syrup or caramel mixed in. the disadvantage is this, its heavy so the bait sites are near where you can...
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    New member from wisconsin

    Hello guys, been following the forum for a few years but finally got registered! Just got back from WY on our annual DIY hunt for mulies and a first time antelope leftover tag. Seen some great anty rut action and filled up. Had to work for both animals!