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    Wyoming Critters

    That mule deer buck is about as good as you could ever ask for - just a super buck. Congrats to you!
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    WY Antelope Unit Info

    Sent you a PM - there is a unit on your list you can draw with I think 5 points in the regular draw that should get you some great hunting. Don't know a lot about all the units but have an idea on a couple of them. You should have a fun hunt though - almost impossible not to have fun hunting...
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    Wyoming bighorn

    Congrats to you on taking that fine ram! Hope to be able to hunt them one day, but tough to draw a tag here in Oregon. Anyway, beautiful ram anyone would be happy to take.
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    Antelope success thread

    Just got back yesterday from my annual trek to the wonderful state of Wyoming. Had a great week, weather was almost too nice but I'll take it. Got this guy the first afternoon, always wanted one that had horns that sort of tilted out towards the front so this guy did. Also filled a couple doe...
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    Tagged Out

    Congrats - thats a fine buck.
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    2019 Wyoming Recurve Moose

    Good stuff!! Congrats on the wonderful trophy!
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    WY antelope 2019 success with new hunter

    Good stuff - hard not to have fun chasing antelopes!! Congrats to you all.
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    Leftover draw posted

    Well, just checked the leftover draw results and got lucky and drew a couple doe antelope tags in a less than terrific access unit. But I get to be in Wyoming hunting antelope so thats always a good thing. Anyone else get any extra tags?? Good luck to all this season