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    EZ Mag Rangefinder Holster

    Trying to help get the word out for my friend and his new product. This thing is super simple and works!! Give it a look or better yet give it a try.
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    Durango CO Meat Processors

    Looking for info on meat processors in the Durango area. Specifically looking for some place to freeze up our animals for the ride home. Any information or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Colorado High Country Weather

    Never have hunted above 8k feet nor in Colorado. What kind of temps can be expected the first week of September at 10K plus?
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    Your Bowhunting Set Up

    So what is everyone's set up going to be for this upcoming season? Mine will be: Mathews Z7 27"/72# Spot Hogg Hunter Hogg It Trophy Taker Xtreme Capture fall away Doinker 10.5" Carbon 3D Field Stabilize Mathews T7 quiver Winners Choice string/cable Easton FMJ 400s G5 Tekan T3 and Montec 100gr