OK color me mystified here too. I’m always impressed by the seemingly endless ability for some to imagine that the laws of nature & ‘math’ just don’t apply to them.

That 40 something well toned & healthy ladies are otherwise likely infertile. That many men, despite being otherwise attracted by smart, successful & fit women, strangely enough can not begin to match them in income!

And the double standard here is as telling as it is commonly ignored by many women. Even if they seem to fit on the same blog page! What gives? ‘The best kind of marriage’ is fine for Hef, but Not for ‘Claire’? She’d otherwise not consider it? Why? Doing the math will tell you perhaps 2 things: Both Hef & Claire may share an income tax bracket (strange but true!), and of course, there’s Many fewer Single men who are in Claire’s same income bracket! Why should anyone find this surprising? Why should any reasonably successful woman Doc balk at, yes, accepting someone who has a Lower income or may even have a Less Prestigious job?

Again, why the persistence of this double standard now well into the 21st century?? Me? I’m betting there scads of younger Docs & post Docs @ UT in environs who’d love to make the acquaintance of ‘Claire’, but given her rigorous standards (seen here repeatedly, the whole ‘tall, dark, handsome, fit & healthy, well educated, very successful & kind & generous & deeply desiring a ‘relationship of equals), she’s probably written them & other older smart ‘academics’ off as ‘just too boring’. Or ‘not successful [read:rich] enough’. Or not meeting the quality of ‘dressage’ or ‘comportment’ somehow required.

For the guys? It’s pretty simple at almost any age. A pretty face a fit body and a winsome smile and a willing & ‘winning’ attitude, and they’re good to go. No matter where you came from or if you were from the receptionist/temp staffer pool.

Why women are forever looking for a recapitulation of the 19th century in mating & dating is just beyond me. And others too! Cheers, ‘VJ’