My name is Matt and I'm 37 years old and live near Milwaukee, WI. I'm just getting started when it comes to hunting out west and wanted to start participating in the forums after having spent many hours searching and reading posts. Just drew a second choice antelope tag and I'm now looking forward to my first hunt "out west."

The 'NEWHunter' handle is in reference to North East Wisconsin, where I grew up, lived, and hunted for many years. I have been hunting whitetails and grouse since state law has allowed - which at the time was 12 years old in Wisconsin. I picked up turkey hunting and bow hunting in high school and I am self taught in those areas as my family traditionally only rifle hunted for deer. I spent the first 15 years of my hunting career on County and National Forest lands in northern Wisconsin so I am no stranger to public land, lots of hunters, and little success. I started getting in to the points game in Wisconsin when I was 14 years old. Here in Wisconsin where I hunt black bears it used to take about 10 years to draw a tag, it is now pushing 20 years in Zone B.

After my last black bear hunt in 2014 I decided I didn't want to wait close to 20 years for another chance to hunt big game other than whitetails. That's when I started subscribing to Eastman's and researching hunting out west. For now I'm buying Antelope, Deer, and Elk points in Wyoming. Wyoming seemed to be the best value in points, as I don't have the financial resources to be applying for multiple tags in multiple states in the West. I've got a few buddies that I have talked in to getting after DIY Antelope and Deer and we have bought a few points for each. We are waiting until we build 4 or 5 antelope points so we can go to one of Wyoming's better antelope units and potentially do a combo antelope and Mule Deer hunt. Hopefully, after a few antelope and deer hunts in Wyoming I'll be ready to hunt elk when I finally build enough points to draw a really good tag. My dream hunt is an elk hunt where I have a legitimate chance at a nice 6x6.

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