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    The 2018 Mule Deer Picture Thread!

    A buddy and I were able to get out to Montana to deer hunt this year. I was especially excited cause I was hoping to shoot my first muley buck. The first day we passed on 2 smaller 4x4's this first hour of our hunt. Never hunting this area we wanted to see more of what's in the area before we...
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    White Sulpher Springs Area

    I just got back from spending a week elk/deer hunting in Montana. We all had a good time but I have a lot of questions. We hunted units 446 and 391 and found it was tough to find any mature deer. Can anyone recommend an area that might be better to try next time? The elk hunting was even...
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    New Memeber From North Dakota

    Hi guys, I grew up in North Dakota and I've always enjoyed hunting. Luckily ND has a lot of good hunting to offer but I'm looking to get out of the state a little more. A buddy and myself went to Wyoming this year and I was able to shoot my first antelope buck. We had a blast. Were planning...
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    Montana Drop Camp or DIY

    I want to do an elk hunt next year in Montana just not sure what would be best a drop camp or DIY hunt. Can anyone recommend any outfitters that offer drop camps? Its always hard hunting a new area so I thought it would be wise to try a drop camp.