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    2021 Elk Success Thread

    Well done!!!
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    Sitka bino harness giveaway!

    Recieved mine on wed! Very awesome! Thanks Eastmans and Sitka!
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    Womens Bow

    Just wondering if anyone has a womens bow that is collecting dust and would be looking to sell? My gf helped me out with my elk hunt and was a trooper and i'm thinking she might get a kick out of shooting maybe, she's 5'7". She's not really a pink girl so it can be a normal looking bow if you...
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    First Elk ever!

    Kind of what i was thinking!!!!
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    Once in a lifetime...ND Elk Tag!

    Dude that thing is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a giant!
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    First Elk ever!

    So this was a pretty crazy last week. My cousin and i have been planning this hunt for 5 years and finally drew our tag. Well our extended family all went up north for Labor Day wknd to party etc, i stayed home to pack and stain my house anticipating the start of hunting seasons :) well half of...
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    Summertime visitor

    Yep hate away neighbors !
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    Caption contest for prize!

    Uh oh I think I " may have caught my finger a little bit" !
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    WY NR Elk Draw Results Tomorrow

    Got my archery tag! Pumped, first elk hunt ever!
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    More Elk Tags for WYOMING!

    Ok you win. I don't really care Buzz.
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    More Elk Tags for WYOMING!

    I understand that the license prices wouldn't be the end of the world but I'm guessing if you factor in all the other money that could be lost with food, hotels, guides etc. There is probably more of a difference than you'd think. And please don't get me wrong, i really don't give a dam what...
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    More Elk Tags for WYOMING!

    It will be interesting if the 90-10 split were to happen and there be substantially less NR's that are able to pay over the top price tags compared to residents and if at some point the residents get mad that fish and game hike their prices to make up the difference in $. Someone has to pay the...
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    More Elk Tags for WYOMING!

    That sounds great!