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    2020 Mule Deer Success Thread

    Nice deer so far fellas! Keep em coming! As far as taste, I love em both. As far as taste, Had both bad and good. I think, just my opinion, it varies on the deers diet and how they’re prepped. Either way, if you harvested it, it never tastes that bad!
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    Mo money

    I have an older pair of Leica 10x42, I believe the Trinovids. They are an awesome pair of binos. Light enough, yet clear enough from dawn til dusk. I picked up a Vortex Razor spotter for a good price. I really like the clarity of it. I only pack it half the time though. My dad has a Leica...
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    Daughter holds the biggest buck in the household

    That’s freakin awesome! Congrats
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    My Archery Hitlist (whitetail)

    Mallards, hang in there man. It’s been a wild year for everybody. I should feel blessed cause I had a baby girl, built a house( before lumber prices went batshit crazy)! But on the other hand, my job turned into a complete shit show and my dad, who is my hunting partner, has pancreatic cancer...
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    My Archery Hitlist (whitetail)

    Here’s a few that I’d be happy to take this year
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    Your Biggest Buck

    And here’s the one I missed with my bow last year. Followed him for 3 days, finally got within 40 yards, made the shot and hit sage brush. I’m still losing sleep over it.
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    Your Biggest Buck

    Awesome deer and awesome stories fellas! The score don’t matter, they’re all trophies! Here’s my best mulie
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    More Poachers

    I absolutely can’t stand reading about this shit! It’s completely unacceptable. So many of us hunters follow the rules, do what we can to enjoy a hunt and feed our families, and keep a tradition alive. Then acts of a random few, give everyone of us a bad name. It’s no different than a crooked...
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    Goals For 2020 Hunting Season?

    This years goal is too just enjoy every moment I have to be lucky enough to actually be hunting! Hopefully put some meat in the freezer and get my boys a few sits in a blind with me. A filled tag with them there would be just awesome!
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    Where you hunting this year?

    Thanks man! I’m sure going to miss hunting the mountains this fall. On a good note, where I built my house, I got a stud 10ptr hanging out. Been watching him out the back window in the evenings. So my boys helped me plant a little plot and we set up a ground blind. So they can get a few sits in...
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    Where you hunting this year?

    Maybe this has been discussed, but I haven’t really been on here much this year. 2020 has been quite the year! I was fortunate enough to build my own house, which has been a dream of mine for years. My wife and I welcomed our baby girl last week, which is awesome. As far as hunting, I struck out...
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    2020 idaho draw is up

    I struck out!
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    Proposed Utah New Fees

    It’s the trend that appears to be happening in all the states. I only put in preference points for now, but still by the time I get enough points to draw, how high will the prices be then??? Realistically, I won’t draw my sheep tag for probably 20 years! The price is now over $2,000. By then, it...
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    Emergency Meeting

    I tried calling Fish and Game, but no luck getting through. So I sent an email and haven’t heard back yet. But I was reading through the temporary regs and it appears that we’d still be able to purchase a hunting license in order to apply for a controlled hunt. So that’s good news I guess.
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    Emergency Meeting

    Thanks, I appreciate it! I’ll give them a call tomorrow. The way they worded it is confusing. I’m more than willing to purchase my license even if come fall I can’t hunt due to this whole shit show we are dealing with. I would hate to loose the cost of a elk tag though! I guess we’ll see what...