I started hunting with my Dad{I was suppost to be his son} when I was three years old{off and on} but what got me hooked was my Dad promised to take me hunting for elk and he started to back out and I started crying{I was 5 at the time}becuase I had gotten up early and ready to he changed his mind and said "Lets go" I was only 2'6" at the time and there was 18 inches of snow so I slowed dad down ALOT we sat down to rest and I tapped him on the shoulder and said "look at the big deer Daddy" it was an elk first one I had ever seen dad shoot her then looked at me and said "you can hunt with me anytime" and it's been a 20 + year partnership and alot of great times since. we dont get to Hunt togeather as often as we would like as my job keeps me very busy{work with at risk youth 11 monthes out of the year}but I always take a week off to take him hunting now becuase of his health we dont have much time left.
start 'um young and you will have a partner for life!!
Thanks Dad!

backcountry hiking/Hunting/Fishing/photo taking..anything outdoors!!
work with at risk youth


Can you handle the challenge.... hunt hard but safe!!