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    First rifle/ first elk

    Nice bull, congrats!
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    Seek Outside Pack Giveaway!

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    Stone Glacier Sky 5900 Giveaway!

    Thanks Eastman’s!
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    Kifaru 44 Mag Giveaway

    Thanks guys!
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    Mountain Ridge Gear Duffel Bag Set!

    Awesome. Thanks Mountain Ridge!
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    Initial Ascent IA4K Giveaway

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    The Sig BDX System Giveaway!

    Wow, thanks!
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    Leupold lot tracker?

    Anyone tried one, or have any experience with it? LTO not lot sorry.
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    How's it looking?

    How's the rut activity, are the bulls screaming? Heading out in a few days for a riffle hunt, just wondering how the hunting has been!
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    iPhone adaptor?

    Looking for an adapaptor for my iPhone 6. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    The Tax Day Giveaway! The yeti would be great for the after hunt celebration.
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    Mule Deer Success Thread!

    My New Mexico buck / first mule deer! My New Mexico buck / first mule deer!
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    Some life in this section!