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    Grinders, Slicers, and the rest......

    We are looking into purchasing all new processing equipment and I wanted to pick yall's brain here on what units are liked and which ones are not. If you had to choose between Weston and LEM what would your choice be? Size? We want to make everything (jerky, sausage, etc.) Are there pieces...
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    Cow Elk, Unit 15

    Yes, both. I need to explore the layers a little more. Thanks!
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    Cow Elk, Unit 15

    Very much a newbie to western hunting but I drew a cow elk tag for 1st rifle in unit 15 this year. I plan on parking and having a base camp at the Sarvis Creek SWA. I have some spots I plan on looking at and likely camping on the mountain at least a couple nights. Any tips or advice is welcome...
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    My Coues Buck is Home

    That is a hoss of a coues! Congrats!
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    Texas New Member

    Hello, Longtime hunter, new to the forum. Most of my experience has been with whitetail, pronghorn, and upland birds. Recently branched into waterfowl and got hooked to say the least. New to western public land hunting, looking to learn all I can. Putting in for CO elk this year and taking a...