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    Randy Ulmer 2019 NV Archery Buck

    Absolutely! Randy is a class act.
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    Alaska Bound

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    Alaska Bound

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    Randy Ulmer 2019 NV Archery Buck

    I heard it through unreliable sources that he colluded with some Russians in order to find his big Mulies.
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    Alaska Bound

    Thanks. Yes, I am hoping to make it back sometime. An Alaskan Bullwinkle has been on my bucket list for a very long time. May have to change hunting methods and go with a fly in or river float in the future. Was hoping it would be OK to PM you to pick your brain and get some advice in the near...
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    Fuzzy 10 Pointer

    I was lucky enough to fill one of my whitetail tags opening day of Maryland's bow season September 6th. I had several trail cam pics of him and his bachelor buddies as they grew their antlers and munched on apple drops over the summer. He is not my biggest whitetail kill, but he is definitely my...
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    My 2019 WY Bull

    Great Bull! Good Job!
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    Alaska Bound

    Nope. Wasn't ours. We had a good hunt but no moose were killed or injured by our party. We saw a few bulls but nothing of legal size. We camped between Northway and the Yukon border next to Gardiner Creek for about 5 days. We packed back in a little over a mile. Got a little tough sleeping on...
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    For what it's worth. I shot some HTP ammo out of my old Remington 270 Win, 700 BDL Mountain rifle last two weekends. The gun only has a 21'' barrel. The Remington HTP ammo is a Barnes 130 gr TSX bullet (no plastic tip). Muzzle velocity is supposed to be 3050 fps. I was very happy with the...
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    WY antelope 2019 success with new hunter

    Man, that is great!!!!!! Good job!!!!!! Congrats to all.
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    Who is bowhunting where?

    Will be bow hunting my home state of Maryland this year. Season starts next Friday, Sept. 6th. Hoping to get a chance to go out Friday night after work. Didn't get a chance to bow hunt Ohio last year. First time in ten years I didn't get to hunt the Buckeye state. Hoping to get some time to...
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    Alaska Bound

    Starting to get packed. Got the blued/ wood stock .300 Wby rubbed down with 2 layers of Johnson's paste wax. Got the 180 grainers hitting three inches high at 100 yds and hitting just about zero at 300 yds. Got some hard cast Double Tap 320 grainers for my 44 Mag. Boy do they have some recoil...
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    Caribou 2019

    Congrats to you and your son. Looks like a great trip.
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    Alaska Bound

    Good Luck to you as well. Where abouts will you be hunting?
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    Alaska Bound

    Eenie, meenie, miney, moe. Grab a grizzly by the toe.........