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    The funniest part of all is people not realizing this is no different than the billions in welfare given to farmers harmed by Trump's own tariffs. :rolleyes::unsure:😁🤣😂 Federalist 68, 441 - Alexander Hamilton writes, corruptions "might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from...
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    Utah 2019 Hunt Data

    Henry Mountain Multi-Season Tag Soup!
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    If humans were scored in Boone and Crockett ?

    Still cheaper than the $130,000 this stallion of a man had to pay to a porn star
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    WTB Garmin RINO 650 or 755t

    I've got a 650 but it got too cold in NM hunting Barbary and got fried. My wife and brother have 650s so I'd like one that is compatible if possible. I don't know anything about older vs. newer though.
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    WTB Garmin RINO 650 or 755t

    WTB Garmin RINO 650 or 755t if anybody has one they want to sell.
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    Idaho Upping Prices?

    That would only be accurate if NR tags were actually being bought only by NR. Every R that buys a 2nd NR tag skews your argument into a false narrative. If you want to know the true value of NR tags, then leave them to NRs and let the rates be set from there.
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    Rifle Slings

    Leather - Montana Gun Sling Technical - Viking Tactical Lightweight Hunting
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    Just a bull snake

    Yep... blow snake, bull snake, gopher snake. They are all the same thing and totally harmless. I've had dozens for pets. I usually give them a mouse or two for a meal and let them go. I had one that liked to lay next to my yellow lab in the sun in the backyard for a summer before he wandered...
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    Tick Toc. Waiting for the draw

    Nothing for me. Except for this...!!! My wife drew out of the random pool two years ago and now it's my turn :cool:
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    Light Weight Gun

    Cooper M92 in .300 Win Mag w/ Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44 -- 6.8 lbs. It shoots 1/2 MOA with hand-loaded 180gr Accubond's. The muzzle brake is fantastic, my wife shoots it with ease. I always wanted a lightweight hunting rifle in a true magnum caliber that shot super accurate with hunting bullets...
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    The 2018 Elk picture Thread
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    WY Elk Unit 61

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    WY Elk Unit 61

    The hunt was awesome. Dozens of dozens of bugling bulls, we didn't have grizzly issues (though we had a sow and two cubs at 60 yards), the guide was super patient while I looked for the right bull, camp was clean and comfortable. I couldn't be happier. Good luck to everybody else this year.
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    WY Elk Unit 61

    I burned my points and drew a 61-1 elk tag. I'm trying to get one with a bow, but I'd really like to try and get a 350-type bull. Am I crazy? Should I lower my goals? I'd love to know if I'm nuts. Be honest. I can take it :cool: