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    My Coues Buck is Home

    Good buck and good taxidermy. What Az. unit were you hunting?
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    wy mule deer

    The state of Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. has turned out to be a sneaky little bitch, indeed. Buying points for moose - which I am involved in, jumped 100 percent in one year. The cost of the f--king point jumped up from $75.00 to a buck and a half, take it or leave it, dude. How rude! They know...
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    Newfoundland Moose in 2019

    From what I have been told, moose numbers are declining rapidly in Newfoundland. The glory years "up there" were 15 or so years ago. That is what I've been told by an experienced booking agent.
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    2019 Wyoming Recurve Moose

    Nice bull and with a recurve bow! Good man....
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    Idaho Trophy Species Draw Results

    I drew a cow moose tag in Unit 67-1, which is near Swan Valley. I have never hunted his area before, soooooo, do any of you nimrods know any intelligence on the scene there. And please, please, no one freak-out and curse me for putting in an area I'm not familiar with. Hi-HO!
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    Wyoming whitetail hunt help needed/sought/begged for -- thanks!

    I have 10 Wyoming preference points for deer. I've taken a few good mule deer so I am hoping to get an adult whitetail buck in Wyoming. Basically, I know squat about where to go. Certainly I am aware there are lots of private land issues there since much of Wyoming's bottom-land whitetail...
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    black tail die-off in Alaska

    Anchorage had an all-time record snow fall during the winter of 2010-11 (last winter). Does anyone have accurate information on deer winter kill in the state?