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    Ultralight sleeping bags?

    Hey, everyone! Wanted to talk ultralight sleeping bags. Right now, I have a Teton that is coming in at about 4 pounds. Looking to get into around the 2 pound range or lighter with a temp rating around 20 degrees. Couple of bags that I am looking at are the Marmot Hydrogen 30, Marmot Helium...
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    kuiu icon pro vs. exo mountain pack?

    Hey, guys. I currently own an eberlestock Just One Pack and have been thinking about upgrading. The packs I have been looking at are the kuiu icon pros and the exo mountain packs. Was wondering if anyone has used both of these or just opinions on them individually. Also, how do these compare...
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    Hello from AZ!

    Name is Josh and I am from the land of the big bulls and sneaky coues deer in AZ! Looking forward to interacting with all of you!!