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    Swaro EL Range Vs. Leica Geovid HD-B

    Just seeing if anyone has some insight on these two fine pieces of equipment. I have been looking hard at both, but have been unable to look through the Leica's... Thanks for any info provided
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    Brothers Montana free range bison

    Here are a couple of pics from my brothers recent Montana bison hunt.
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    Kuiu Icon 6000 vs. Kifaru KU5200 w/extras

    I am getting ready to throw down a fair chunk of change on a new pack and was looking for some of your input. Ill give you all my pros. Then if you would help me decide on which on to go with. This pack is being bought for the primary purpose of backcountry/alaska sheep and goat hunts. Kuiu...
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    Montana Mule Deer

    Picture of some nice MT bucks taken around the 20th of July last year.
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    Montana Sheep

    Just a few pictures of some Motana rams.
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    Swarovski CTS 85 or CTC 30x75

    I was just seeing if anyone on here has any expericance with either of these 2 scopes. I know that with them you really wont be lossing any weight, however I like that they pack down nicely into a smaller package.
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    Zeiss 18-45x65 or Nikon Fieldscope III ED 20-60x60

    I have been looking a getting a new spotter in the 1000-1500 dollar range and have pretty much narrowed my search down to these two scope. Now I am having a hard time deciding between the two. I am currently stationed in England, so being able to do a side by side comparison has been...
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    Montana antelope

    Pictures of my dad and brothers antelope from this past year.
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    Alaska muskox

    Just a couple of photos of a lone muskox I came across while on a spring griz hunt.
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    Alaska and Montana hunting photos

    Archery north slope caribou 2007 mt archery elk
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    Bino-doubler combos

    I am looking for anyone that has had personal experience with binocular and X2 eyecup adaptor. I have been considering going this route for awhile now for backcountry trips and would like some input. Thanks for any info. Andy