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Hi Hilltop! What do you think about archery elk hunting in unit 11? Turning 65 and need to pull the trigger this coming year. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Hello Roundball - Curious how your 4th season unit 15 mule deer hunt went? Seriously considering applying for the same hunt next year, but wanted to hear what you had to say about it. thank you, Paul
.Hello Jerm, my name is BOB I am 63 now and have 11 points for Elk for next year. Cant draw unit 100 , was wandering If You had any Ideas where I can get the biggest bang for the Buck. I will be 64 at time of hunt but get around good. Can't afford 8K + for outfitter. I would be solo also . Trying to get Ideas a head of time. Thanks ,Bob Baughman!
boiler, Are you a Purdue grad? Where you live at? I'm in LaPorte. You have an elk hunt this year?
Not out west. I do have a weird whitetail schedule. My wife is Chinese and will normally spend Sept-Nov at her condo in Sichuan so I get a 3 month hall pass. But this year her mother is visiting here in the US. And we just moved here from Illinois in March, and I have a cousin from China arriving tomorrow for his first hunt of any kind. So I will try Kingsbury mostly I think this year. I hunt public land.
I live only 15 minutes North of there. Then based on my observations will decide if I should focus on Kingsbury, or Midewin NTGP for the rut. I do have a one week special draw bow hunt in west central Illinois Nov 5-11. Got no idea how good that public hunt will be. I only scouted it once and the manager was clearing out the thick invasive species cover. It’s called Beaver Dam SP.
Well good luck!
Hi Dave ,
Hope all is well as harvest should be starting soon over your way. I wanted to ask about how the goose hunting is over your way? Just looking at different options in states that border me. Thanks
Hey guys! My name is Luke Washington. I work here at Eastmans in the digital media department, under Scott Reekers. I will be helping out managing the forum for here on out. I hope to have some great conversations with you all! Thanks!
Hey mcseal2 I pulled a Wyoming Mule/Whitetail deer tag October 1st - 14th any information or advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
Hey Glenn,
It's gonna be the last week of September and first week of October, so hopefully some rut action still. They definitely are a handful, but we'll worth it. I'm from Indiana and I'll be hunting with my brother diy so hopefully we get lucky and get one figured out! Thanks for the response. Hopefully your season is looking good too! Travis
Hey boiler,
That is a coincident. Looks like you drew a great tag for elk. Should be a blast, does your hunt take place during the rut?
They're are a bunch of work but worth every drop of sweat.
What state are you from?
Congrates again. Glen
Saw your congratulations and looked at your profile and saw you had 3 boys and that you are an electrician. I have 3 boys and I'm an electrician too. Anyway, just thought it was quite a coincidence so decided to try this message. Thanks for the congrats. Boiler
Hi have you tried the beard oil I send you last week? looking forward to hear from you :)
Hey yah guys I am new to this I live in Cali and want to hunt for a mule deer but I don't posses any points got premium tags spool what D zones offer the best I will be using my compound bow
New Member but I have been coming here for several years , Thought I should start contributing what I can. Try not to piss anyone off to much but I am referred to as Grumpy Bear so will see. Mostly a Archery Hunter but enjoy all methods of Fair Chase. Thanks SB
Midwesterner - Wisconsin to be exact. Love to bow hunt and looking to pass my hunting experience onto my son and daughter. Nothing brings a family closer than spending time together in the outdoors! Patience is the key to success is what I always tell my kids!

I want to instill the mentality of do it a little harder, go a little further in my kids and that God has blessed us all with this great country, cherish it, respect and honor it! Be kind and helpful to other and they will return is 10 fold.

God Bless
I don't see you posting much anymore, especially in the fitness forum. Hope all is well and good luck this season.