Wyoming Unit 36 cow/calf


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Dec 2, 2016
North Central North Dakota
Well the brother in law and I have pretty much busted on everything this year regarding tags. So we put in for and got the tag in the title, thought a meat hunt was better than no hunt.

We are by no means green when it comes to hunting but we know absolutely zero about this unit other than what is on G&F website. Anyone have any insight on how to hunt this unit?

Be there on opener and fight the crowds?
Come at the end of season and hope they are not all on private?
Look for a landowner who want a few cows harvested? Access fee hunt?
Hunt the fringe hoping to catch elk being pushed towards private?

We are going to make calls to the warden and biologist for the are starting tomorrow. Maybe we are putting way to much thought into this, but thanks in advance for any advise!