Wyoming Antelope Area 68


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Feb 23, 2016
Long Island, NY
Who else has a 68 tag this year? Would love to network with other hunters in this area. If you hunted it recently, would love to hear about your experience and any insight you may be willing to share as well.
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Jun 10, 2012
I spent a great deal of time in 68 last year and 1 trip so far this year. It is similar to other Central Wyo units that had a pretty tough winter a couple winters ago. Last summer was extremely dry and a lot of waterholes dried up in some areas. Antelope actually wandered to where they found water and there was quite a bit of country in Sept where there were very few antelope. Also, Central Wyo antelope tend to wander and move after the first big snows. You may keep those in mind for your hunt.