WY antelope 2019 success with new hunter


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Dec 27, 2011
Goshen IN
I was fortunate to take another first time hunter out west with me this year. His father as well as my 13 YO joined us for this hunt. This hunter happens to be a paraplegic and I am trying to help him get back into hunting more. For his first hunt I thought it would be best to go after a doe rather than a buck. With his mobility issues, I wasn't sure what he could/couldn't do, and I thought it would be best to save some tag money and build some points to get a better buck tag. Well first day of his hunt we had 5 bucks close enough to the road that we could have set up on them, but the doe's were yet to be found. Day two we were close in the AM, needed about 10 more sec's, the rest of the day went uneventful, I found some but they weren't where we could get him into. Day three comes and were doing our usual spot checking when we come across some. We get set up on them, but they are feeding away from us. I range them and they are farther then he felt comfortable taking a shot. So I told him we would keep moving, but he wanted me to fill my tag as well. So I grabbed my rifle and dropped one of the does where she stood. So I gathered my pack to go take care of business, but told him to keep a look out as some might work there way through. Well as luck would have it, while I was breaking mine down, we heard a shot he had got his first antelope about 500 yards to the west of us. I finished quartering mine out and made my way back to the vehicle. He made a great 287 yard shot and she dropped in a couple feet from where he shot her. We loaded up in the vehicle and drove a little closer so we could get some pics. He is now hooked on western antelope hunting. It was a great time to be on WY public lands.







dirtclod Az.

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Jan 26, 2018
Good on You thats really great of you to take it upon yourself to
enhance the lives of others.All involved have big smiles on thier faces! :cool:


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Jan 21, 2014
Good work, that's cool! I love to start seeing these early season pics! It gets me pumped for the fall!


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Apr 14, 2016
Congratulations to all involved on your hunt. Sounds like a great time with family and friends. Its always awesome to here about hunters working to get outdoors and get hunting no matter what the obstacles might be. I am glad you we able to help your friend out and I think that memory will last a lifetime for everybody that was there.