WY 119 deer


Mar 9, 2011
I know its kind of late to be asking for info on a unit but I have been focused on elk so deer hunting has kind of been an afterthought. Since I couldn't seal the deal on a good bull during archery season, trying to get a nice deer is much more of a priority. I applied for a 119 deer tag this year kind of on a whim and ended up drawing. I recently moved so it was my last year as a resident and I basically just put in for 119 because it is a November hunt and a friend said he had seen some good deer in there last year. Does anyone have any info on this unit? Can anyone tell me what size of bucks to expect to find if I hunt hard? I am basically trying to get an idea of how much vacation time I want to use to hunt it. I am also wondering what part of the season would be best. The season is Nov.1 - Nov. 15, I would think the later the better but maybe if theres enough hunting pressure the bucks are harder to find the later in the season. I appreciate any info anyone can give me!